GERARD TUNNEY : Recent work

If  I have been working on a group of paintings such as 'reflections in windows' , I will try to extend the imagery in other directions, This group of paintings are influenced by the  reflections of cars either in windows or the side panels of cars. The abstract shapes of the cars help  to create an ambiguous framework. These are paintings that I will probably rework as I am not entirely sure if they are successful. This is frequently the case with new work; parts work  and other parts don't.

FLYPAST.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.

RUNNING DOG REFLECTION.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.

MONTE CARLO REFLECTION.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.


OVERTAKING.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.

shangai 2 Reflection -Triumph Chevrolet.acrylic on canvas.24 Showroom reflection.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins

TRIUMPH CHEVROLET.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.

SHOWROOM REFLECTION.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins. ...

SHANGHAI REFLECTION.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.

Flypast reflection.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins. Blue side panel.greyhound reflection.acrylic on ca Overtaking.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16ins.Gerard T Monte Carlo refection.acrylic on canvas.24ins.x16i